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Satellite Image Poster Konfigurator

Satellite Image Poster Konfigurator

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Product No.: 600000
Grid WGS84: 
Labels (Placenames,Boundaries,..: 
Print custom Vector Data: 

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Select the extents of your satellite image poster with the interactive map

How to order an individual satellite image map:

  1. Use the interactive map to zoom to your area of interest. Select "Landscape" or "Portrait".

  2. Options:

    • Print custom vector data: email your vector data (e.g. Waypoints or GPS Tracks in SHP, KML/KMZ, GPX or GPL format) incl. short description to . The vector data will be printed into the map.

    • Labels: Choose "Yes" if you want to have placenames, boundaries and other geographic featurenames on your map.

    • Grid: Choose "Yes" if you need a coordinate grid on the satellite image (WGS84).

  3. Click "In Cart" to finish the order.


  • Press the button "Show Print Detail Overview" to activate the magnification map. The magnification map simulates the details and layout of a 110 x 84 cm / 300 dpi poster.
  • Press the button "Render Print Preview Fragment" to open a new window with a DIN A6 (10.5x14.8 cm / 300 dpi) cut-out of your area of interest. You can save the image with a right-click. If you print this preview at a size of 10.5x14.8 cm / 300 dpi (= 1/4 DIN A4 page) you will get a very close picture of the degree of detail of your final map. Please keep in mind that colors and resolution can vary from final poster depending on your local printer.


  • True to scale satellite image map (Web-)Mercator-Projection.
  • Printed on high quality , 190 gr/mē , semi gloss Photopaer in 360 dpi with UV-resistent Epson Ultrachrome ink.

Please contact us, if you need further assistance.

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