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Relief Map Configurator

Relief Map Configurator

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Product No.: 200000
Image Size: 
incl. Elevation Data (DEM): 
incl. Vector Data: 

from 49,00 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax
Shipping time: 1-2 Days

Use the interactive map to set style and extents of your relief map

Order process:

  1. Use the interactive map and zoom to your area of interest. Select relief map style ("VCF", "GSytle", "Physical" or "Shaded"). Choose between "Portrait" or "Landscape" format.
  2. Options:

    • 'incl. Vector Data': Choose this option to include map features such as placenames, boundaries, major roads, rivers, lakes, etc.. Map data will be delivered in editable SVG vector format and can be imported into vector programs like Adobe Illustrator or IncScape.

    • 'Image Size' : Choose the desired image size.

    • 'incl. Elevation Data (DEM)': Choose this option to order an additional elevation map (= 'height map', 'bump map' or 'Digital Elevation Model DEM') with the same extents and resolution as the relief map. With elevation maps you can create 3D scenery or animations with 3D software like Cinema4D or 3ds Max. Format: 16 Bit greyscale Tiff.

  3. Click "In cart" to finish the order.

After we have received your order we will prepare your data set and send a download link within 1-2 days.

Please contact us, if you need larger image sizes or further customization (e.g. different projection/layout or custom relief map styles).

License: Royalty-free Projection: Web-Mercator


  • The level of detail of the ordered vector data depends on the chosen image size and zoom level . The interactive map corresponds to an image size of DIN A9 / 300 dpi. Larger DIN formats contain much more vector features as seen on the interactive map.
  • Interactive map: Hold down [Shift] to open a zoom box with the mouse.

Please contact us, if you need further assistance.

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