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Mexico Satellite Image
Mexico Satellite Image

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Product No.: 100042
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Mexico Satellite Image

Mexico Satellite Image

Use the interactive map to browse the satellite image of Mexico.

License type: Royalty-free Projection: Web-Mercator

  • 'incl. Vector Data' : Choose this option to include map features such as placenames, boundaries, rivers, lakes, etc.. Map data is in editable SVG vector format and can be imported into vector programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

  • 'Image Size' : Choose the desired image size.

  • 'incl. Elevation Data (DEM)': Choose this option for an additional elevation map (= 'height map', 'bump map' or 'Digital Elevation Model DEM') with the same extents and resolution as the reliefmap. With elevation maps you can create 3D scenery or animations with 3D software like Cinema4D or 3ds Max. Format: 32 Bit Greyscale Tiff.
After we have received your order we will prepare your data set and send a download link within 1-2 days.

Please contact us if you need larger image sizes. Maximum available image size of Mexico is 260813 x 183265 pixels.

Custom areas of interest can be selected with the Map Configurator.

Mexico geopolitical information

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